Our historical roots go back to 1922 when we started as a small sewing shop making customized products for business customers. Today, that sewing shop has grown into an international organization with global manufacturing partners in the U.S., Mexico, and China.



Promotional Products Experts
We're not selling promotional products; we're creating touchpoints.

Right now the marketplace is more competitive than ever before. With countless competitors fighting for business, the real question is, "How ill your company reach out and touch potential clients and current customers?" The answer is by leveraging every opportunity consumers have to see, experience, and even physically touch your brand.

Strengthen your touchpoints by focusing your promotional product on a specific goal, such as:

  • INCREASING brand recognition
  • GENERATING goodwill
  • DRIVING up booth traffic
  • ACQUIRING new customers
  • CREATING interest in a product
  • ENHANCING company image
  • PROVIDING contact information

No one is going to dictate our production schedule.

There are plenty of promotional product distributors who, at the end of the day, are good middlemen. However, being a middleman means not having control over production schedules or product quality. In short, they are not directly involved in the production process.

But if you could peek into our manufacturing facility, you would see active silk-screen machines being manned by dedicated employees, hear the steam engine-like sound of our digital transfer press in action, and feel the thumping beat of our embroidery machines. As we view it, you would see us making sure your product is perfect.

Get competitive global pricing without the hassle.

Now that we've all experienced what it means to be part of a smaller, globalized world importing products from offshore has become the norm. Yet there are plenty of inexperienced importers still learning expensive lessons as they cross uncharted waters with your promotional products.

Nevertheless, Bagmasters is confident that if you spoke to our sales team, they would give you a clear picture of what it takes to get that mind-boggling competitive price, manufactured right, and on time by one of our many global partnering factories. It is a process that has been refined over the course of 20 years.

We won't be surprised by Chinese New Year, a random typhoon at sea, or the next port strike because this is not our first big custom job. This translates into less stress and more benefit for your organization.

Find help keeping your product safe and sound.

Entrepreneurs welcome! If you've figured out the next big hit for retail stores but don't have the storage room yet, we might be able to help. Our production facility has been known to keep customers' products safe while waiting on specific fulfillment schedules. Who said you can't enjoy safety and freedom at the same time?

We put the storm in brainstorm.

Relying on what is already out there on the market puts your company at a disadvantage because not everything in the market is going to fit your brand's unique personality. Imagine a staff of trained designers researching, discussing, and creating hand-sketched concepts that are specific to your company's brand personality.

Our in-house artists and creative consultants are ready to take your campaign to the next level with new targeted product concepts.

Here is a sneak peak of more offerings to come.To help our customers increase booth traffic during trade shows, we are launching a new service in 2012 that will change the way you currently view pre-show mailers. Ask one of our representatives to tell you more about this upcoming marketing service.